Media watchdog: NY Times reaffirms left-wing bias with ‘political contribution’ to

Jim Brown and Jody Brown
OneNewsNow.comSeptember 14, 2007

Petraeus New York Times ad

A media analyst is blasting The New York Times for giving a liberal activist group a large discount to publish a full-page ad attacking the top U.S. general in Iraq.

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The Times
recently gave a discount of well over $100,000 on an ad
calling General David Petraeus “General Betray Us” and accusing him of
“cooking the books for the White House.” has confirmed it
paid $65,000 for an ad that typically carries a base rate of about
$181,000, according to news reports.

Public disclosure of the arrangement has spawned criticism from
conservative columnists, websites, and bloggers; angry responses from
Republicans on Capitol Hill, one of which came during the general’s
appearance before a House committee on Monday; and a reaction from
former New York City mayor and Republican presidential hopeful Rudy
Giuliani, who says he planned to request the same discount when he
submits an ad to The Times.

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