We have to remember that this is a religion out of pits of hell. BTW, the coffee is great this fine Friday morning. Hally Friday everyone. Cheers!

Islamists Want Blood Spilt Over Mohammed Sketches

By Patrick Goodenough
CNSNews.com International Editor
September 17, 2007

(CNSNews.com) – The row over sketches portraying Mohammed as a
dog took a new turn over the weekend with a purported al Qaeda death
sentence on the Swedish artist responsible for the pictures and the
editor whose newspaper published one of them.

The message,
carried on a jihadist Web site, said the Islamic State of Iraq, a
terrorist group also known as al Qaeda in Iraq, would pay $100,000 to
anyone who kills artist Lars Vilks, “who dared to insult our prophet,
peace be upon him,” and increase the reward by 50 percent if his throat
was slit, the BBC and other media reported.

It also offered $50,000 for the death of the editor of the Nerikes Allehanda regional newspaper, which last month published the sketch alongside an editorial promoting free speech.

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