The worst thing that could happen is that the ORU scandal could
become our Christian version of Enron. While we pray for everyone at
ORU (and that should be first on our agenda), I’d like to challenge all
churches in this country to use this unfortunate situation as a
learning experience. If a ministry is getting sloppy in any area of
legal or ethical compliance, its leaders should take this simple
test?which is based on the word Enron. The letters in that infamous
name form a helpful acrostic:

E is for entitlement. Do leaders in your church or organization feel
they deserve to be treated like kings? That style may work OK in a
monarchy, but Jesus said that in His kingdom leaders must behave like
servants. Those with a spirit of entitlement should be disqualified.

N is for nepotism. When leaders show favoritism to family members, they
create arbitrary double standards. Christian organizations must stop
building spiritual dynasties.

R is for robbery. If a Christian leader is using donor funds to
purchase lavish perks for himself, he is stealing from God. Let’s call
it what it is. Though the Bible makes it clear that a Christian worker
is worthy of his hire, it also condemns ministers who have their hands
in the coffer. When the prophet Malachi asked the probing question,
“Will a man rob God?” (Mal. 3:8 NASB) he was not just addressing people
who didn’t tithe. He was pointing to greedy priests who stole part of
the offerings meant for the poor.

O is for overinflated egos. Too many leaders today are drunk with
power. Like Nebuchadnezzar, their pride has caused them to go insane.
When an egomaniac drives an organization, you can be sure he will
eventually crash?and hurt a lot of people in the process.

N is for negligence. God looks for integrity in the little things. He
judges leaders not by the size of the crowd or the volume of their
preaching but by the way they conduct themselves when no one is
looking. In this hour when our enemies are ready to pounce on our every
mistake, we must be faithful in the smallest things. That means we must
get our houses in order financially.

As the board of regents looks into the allegations at ORU, let’s pray
that God will guide the process so that the school’s credibility will
be restored and its mission accomplished.

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