In my whole life I have never heard an African American say Thank You to whites for helping them become better people. If they were back home I wonder how they would feel?

The details are often harrowing. Kimona spoke of gang rapes where
attackers mutilate their victims’ genitals until they need surgery.

not necessarily the rape itself that causes such injuries,” he said.
“But when they’ve stopped raping a woman, they’ll shove a rifle barrel
or other object up her vagina. We’ve also found women who’ve been raped
by 10 to 15 men and who develop a fistula.

“Right now we’ve
got a 13-year-old girl in the hospital after rape and they left a corn
cob inside her … With the damage caused by this foreign body she’ll
get a fistula” — a leakage to an internal organ.  

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