Its amazing how the liberals shut their eyes to the truth.  Evolution has ran out of time.

EA officials
say Ms. Comer, 57, also made unauthorized remarks not tied to
evolution. But in disciplinary paperwork they stressed that she needed
to remain neutral in what was becoming a tense period leading up to the
first review of the science curriculum in a decade.

conservatives, including the chairman of the State Board of Education,
have long wanted biology teachers in Texas to address issues that some
national groups and scientists say expose weaknesses in the theory of

They stress that they aren’t pushing for
schools to teach creationism or intelligent design, a theory that says
certain features of the universe are so complex that they are best
explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as
natural selection.

But their opponents argue that there
is no debate: Research consistently supports evolution. They argue that
attempts to discredit Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution amount to
sneaking God into the classroom under the guise of intelligent design.

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