Cain “went out from the presence of the Lord.” Cain was not interested in God. He was not interested in fellowshipping with God or in honoring God or in obeying God or in having God in his thoughts. Cain wanted to live apart from God. He did not want God in his life. This certainly describes much of mankind in every age. They prefer to live a godless life. They do not want God in their life. This attitude keeps people away from church, from prayer, and from the Word of God. It is the attitude that has run God out of our schools, out of our societies, and out of our government. And this attitude will bring damnation to the soul. What a contrast Moses is to Cain and to much of the world, for Moses so valued the presence of God he would not go anywhere if God did not go with him (Exodus 33:15).Daily Bible Reading: Sermonettes #1.

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