The Dying Boy

But I have another anecdote to tell. It was
Ralph Wallace who told me of this one. A certain gentleman was a member
of the Presbyterian Church. His little boy was sick. When he went home
his wife was weeping, and she said, “Our boy is dying; he has had a
change for the worse. I wish you would go in and see him.” The father
went into the room and placed his hand upon the brow of his dying boy,
and could feel that the cold, damp sweat was gathering there; that the
cold, icy hand of death was feeling for the chords of life. “Do you
know, my boy, that you are dying?” asked the father. “Am I? Is this
death? Do you really think I am dying?” “Yes, my son, your end on earth
is near.” “And will I be with Jesus tonight, father?” “Yes, you will be
with the Saviour.” “Father, don’t you weep, for when I get there I will
go right straight to Jesus and tell Him that you have been trying all
my life to lead me to Him.” God has given me two little children, and
ever since I can remember I have directed them to Christ, and I would
rather they carried this message to Jesus—that I had tried all my life
to lead them to Him—than have all the crowns of the earth; and I would
rather lead them to Jesus than give them the wealth of the world. If
you have got a child go and point the way. I challenge any man to speak
of heaven without speaking of children. “For of such is the kingdom of

—Moody’s Anecdotes and Illustrations