Israel can never be at peace with the “wicked and cruel” men who lead Hamas — that’s the warning issued by Masab Yousef, a Muslim man who converted to Christianity four years ago and has just made a public declaration of his faith. Yousef, who now prefers to be known as “Joseph,” is the oldest son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, a political leader of the Hamas organization.

Baptist Press reported on Friday that the younger Yousef gave his life to Christ in 2004, four years after a friend invited him to a Bible study and he began to read the scriptures for himself. He explains that he remained a Muslim at that time and thought he would remain on. “But every day I saw the terrible things done in the name of religion by those who considered themselves ‘great believers,'” he states. “I studied Islam more thoroughly and found no answers there. I re-examined the Koran and the principles of the faith and found how it is mistaken and misleading.”

He cautions Israelis and their friends that they should not be deceived into thinking that peace with Hamas is possible. “You will never, but never have peace with Islam,” he says. “Islam…will not allow them to achieve a peace agreement with the Jews.” In addition he says the culture of Islam “sanctifies death and the suicide terrorists…” and that supporters of Hamas “don’t understand that they are led by a wicked and cruel group that brainwashes the children and gets them to believe that if they carry out a suicide attack they’ll get to Paradise.”

But there is only one way to Paradise, says Yousef — “the way of Jesus who sacrificed himself on the cross for all of us.”

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