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Miller pulls logo from ‘gay’ Last Supper ad

by LBurt on 09/27/2007

Evil always tries to mock what is good. Why? Because Evil knows when
it’s all over it will be destroyed completely. There is right and
wrong no matter what any group of people say. The Devil wants nothing
more than to pervert everything that GOD has set in place. Here are
just a couple examples.
1. Marriage equals one man and one woman and the man has always been a man and the woman has always been a woman.
2. A family equals a father (man) a mother (woman) married to each
other and their children. Everyone has a choice to make every day, to
do what’s right or what’s wrong. We are all born into this
world as sinners, but we have what GOD gave us, all of us, free will
which is the greatest gift and also the greatest curse to mankind.
All of us will do things that we regret but most learn from these
mistakes and move on for the better. Some do Evil because they choose
to, its easy and they like it and they want the world to except this as
the way they were born and anybody that stands against their evil
lifestyle, they call them the bad guys and they believe they should
change and except them and even join them “misery loves
The Devil wants to corrupt all of mankind; he wants all the company he
can get for all of eternity in suffering for his evil. Don’t hate
these people they have decided to do evil and live in perversion we
should pray that the world will change for the better and that everyone
should see the evil for what it is and turn from it and save their soul
before it is too late.

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