big german

  • Fri Sep 07, 2007 2:58 am
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the fact that the vatican is still spinning over this story is proof
that they are losing their argument that salvation comes through the
roman catholic church.salvation comes through the atoning blood that
Jesus shed for us on the cross.that one act and only that one act is
what brought salvation to the is blasphamy to think that after
Jesus died for us on the cross that somehow doing “penance”is what
brings forgiveness.or that praying some pre-memorized prayers on some
beads brings us atonement.Jesus did say something about how pagans
babble in wordy prayers,many catholics have a true heart for Jesus yet
they are being led astray by a false church who bases almost all of
their dogma on the infalability of a man(the pope)and what ever whims
come to him.if you study your old testament you will see that the power
structure of the catholic church mirrors that of ancient israel,with a
priest class that acts as an intercessor between us and God.that is old
covenant thinking,Jesus set us free from such needs, and to insist on
any part of your faith being based on what an institution tells you as
opposed to what the bible tells you is just falling victim to false
teaching and doctrine.remember that the bible says that salvation is
not found in any other name but Jesus,and that we are to discern the
spirit of any gospel being preached to you,and if it different than the
one preached by the apostles do not believe it.

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