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he headline of the visit was Rice’s unusually harsh
criticism of Israeli settlement expansion in disputed East Jerusalem
and the West Bank.

Miss Rice, read below. What part of their land do you not understand? It’s God given.

Israel says it has the right to build anywhere in
Jerusalem because it will remain the capital of the Jewish state in any
final peace agreement.

The most insanely daring thing that any man can do, the most exceedingly foolish thing any man can do, the most desperately wicked thing that any man can do, is to reply against God, to enter into controversy with God, to criticize God, to condemn God. Yet that is what many people are doing

When you hear a little child replying against his father or mother, getting into controversy, criticizing, condemning, you are filled with disgust and indignation. It is something not to be tolerated for one moment. But what is it for any mere human being, any mere creature of the dust such as all of us are, to reply against, to criticize, to enter into controversy with, to try to prove wrong the Infinite and Eternal God? It is the most exceedingly foolish and desperately wicked thing a human being can do.

R. A. Torrey

You may be a hypocrite if

  • Giving to the poor to be recognized by others3
  • Praying in public to be recognized as “God’s man”4
  • Letting everybody know you are fasting to get recognition by others5
  • Complaining about other’s behavior when yours is even worse.6
  • Pretending to honor God through lip service only7
  • Testing other people to try to make yourself look superior8
  • Deceiving people from knowing God9
  • Repressing the poor and widows10
  • Teaching proselytes to be hypocrites11
  • Tithing (giving to the church), but neglecting justice and mercy12
  • Doing everything for show, while really being self-indulgent and unrighteous13
  • Treating stock animals better than fellow human beings14
  • Being able to analyze the weather, but unable to distinguish between right and wrong15

I think I will read this list every morning.  Some days I start out real bad

The Lord looketh from heaven; He beholdeth all the sons of men.” Psalm 33:13


Perhaps no figure of speech represents God in a more gracious light than when He is spoken of as stooping from His throne, and coming down from heaven to attend to the wants and to behold the woes of mankind. We love Him, who, when Sodom and Gomorrah were full of iniquity, would not destroy those cities until He had made a personal visitation of them. We cannot help pouring out our heart in affection for our Lord who inclines His ear from the highest glory, and puts it to the lip of the dying sinner, whose failing heart longs after reconciliation. How can we but love Him when we know that He numbers the very hairs of our heads, marks our path, and orders our ways? Specially is this great truth brought near to our heart, when we recollect how attentive He is, not merely to the temporal interests of His creatures, but to their spiritual concerns. Though leagues of distance lie between the finite creature and the infinite Creator, yet there are links uniting both. When a tear is wept by thee, think not that God doth not behold; for, “Like as a father pitieth his children, so the Lord pitieth them that fear Him.” Thy sigh is able to move the heart of Jehovah; thy whisper can incline His ear unto thee; thy prayer can stay His hand; thy faith can move His arm. Think not that God sits on high taking no account of thee. Remember that however poor and needy thou art, yet the Lord thinketh upon thee. For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect towards Him.



Oh! then repeat the truth that never tires;
No God is like the God my soul desires;
He at whose voice heaven trembles, even He,
Great as He is, knows how to stoop to me.

by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

It does make my heart warm to know that God cares so much about me