June 16, 2008

The Pastor Who Wouldn’t Die

Fritz felt each crashing blow to his head and prayed for strength.
The Muslim attackers surrounded him and took turns beating him in the
face. One of the Muslim attackers brandished a large knife thinking
this would rid them of the Christian pastor. The first time the blade
went into Fritz, all he could do was yell, “Jesus!” He was
stabbed repeatedly. And each time, he yelled, “Jesus!” The
attackers grew frustrated at the pastor who just wouldn’t die!

The radical Muslims proceeded to pull the benches and
pulpit from the church and set them on fire. Two of the Muslims grabbed
Fritz and heaved him onto the blazing wood. Satisfied with their
attack, they ran away. Fritz doesn’t remember much after that,
but he knows one thing: Not a hair on his head was singed.

Shortly after the attack, Fritz was brought to the
largest hospital in that area of Indonesia, but he was refused
treatment when they learned he was a Christian. He was brought to
another hospital, but the attending doctor said that if he happened to
live through the night, he would have permanent brain damage.
After a long recovery, Fritz is now preaching again at a
new church. To his amazement, one of the Muslims who attacked Fritz
began looking for him, only to ask a single question: “Who is
this Jesus?”

Who doesn’t enjoy being thought of as the resident
“expert”? It may be mechanics, mathematics, tools,
carpentry, art, stamp collecting, or sports—everyone can be
thought of as an expert in at least one area. We love to field
questions on a topic with which we are very familiar. But if someone
were to ask, “Who is this Jesus?” would we be as prepared
as an “expert” would be? Not every Christian is an
evangelist, per se. But every Christian can evangelize by sharing the
plan of salvation when the opportunity arises. If you were asked that
question by a nonbelieving friend, how would you answer? If
you’re not sure, talk to someone who knows.