Tortured to Death in Eritrea
Fourth Protestant in a year killed by government forces.

Government authorities
tortured a woman to death on September 5 for refusing to deny her
evangelical faith. It was the fourth such killing in less than a year,
according to a Christian support organization.

Christian sources in the East African nation, Open Doors reported that
33-year-old Nigsti Haile was killed for refusing to sign a letter
renouncing her faith. Held at the Wi’a military training center 20
miles south of the Red Sea port of Massawa, Haile was one of 10 single
Christian women arrested at an independent church gathering in Keren.
The women have spent 18 months under severe pressure.

officially recognizes only Orthodox, Catholic, and Lutheran Christian
churches. In May 2002, it outlawed independent Protestant churches,
closing their buildings and banning them from meeting in private homes.
Haile was a member of a Rhema church.

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